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Improve Business Performance

Posted on | October 8, 2014 | Comments Off on Improve Business Performance

The emotional reality of a company: his style of leadership, entrepreneurial culture and emerging problems are discovered by people approaching, although fear of change is sometimes difficult to detect calls butterflies and to improve business and professional performance. When I get to a company, what I’m most interested in are the butterflies; believe me, butterflies of all colors and sizes. Sometimes not be perceived easily since they tend to hide behind the subtle veil of hypocrisy, of silence, of incompetence, apathy, arrogance, and especially after the ignorance. You will wonder what method will you use to see them and pick them?. My method receives many names: sincere approach, transparent conversation, interview without limits, listen empathic, consistent behavior, authentic relationship. I assure you that appear butterflies everywhere, they flit all departments of the company: management, finance, marketing, improve production.

That beautiful are! And how can help me discover the emotional reality of the Organization: leadership style, underlying corporate culture, emerging problems. We are not used to hunting for butterflies; Yes to partridges, rabbits, wild boars, etc. We know how boring that is hunting alone, we may not share emotion or enthusiasm that causes us the obtained piece, we can not feel important in our professional work, we can not relieve us of so many tensions and frustrations. I know some hunters of butterflies who both hunt alone have lost the skills necessary to perceive them. It is not easy to hunt butterflies, especially in solo; companies there are many people who when intends them to participate in the capture of butterflies, volunteer with much enthusiasm. We started a sincere conversation and from the beginning do not mark a target hunting butterflies, which so profitable and beneficial for the company.

There is also who offers resistance, due to the culture of prevailing caution in your company, the fear of change, even for improve, hinders the hunt for butterflies. After a few days, since beginning the capture, the results are surprising, we hunt more will we serve to optimize the operation of the company, to help managers overcome the underlying cultural problems that impede his task, improve business and professional performance. Unlike what happens with surveys, hunting butterflies, initiates an impulse of transformation of the culture of the company. The same capture action causes the company to move towards excellence; a culture that promotes honesty, transparency, integrity, empathy and healthy relationships. Companies who bet on innovation, not only technological but in corporate culture to increase productivity, need to implement methods of hunting and butterflies, and thus move towards competitiveness without fears and complexes.


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