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Posted on | November 20, 2012 | Comments Off on Folklore

Folklore is a sort of culture of popular origin, constituted of the customs and transmitted popular traditions of generation in generation. All the peoples possess its traditions, crendices and superstitions, that if they transmit through infantile legends, stories, sayings, songs, dances, artesanato, games, religiosidade, tricks, characteristic myths, languages and dialects, cultural adivinhaes, parties and other activities that had been born and if they had developed with the people. UNESCO declares that folklore is synonymous of popular culture and represents the social identity of a community through its cultural, collective or individual creations, and is also an essential part of the culture of each nation. It must be remembered even so that the folklore is not a crystallized knowledge, if it takes root in traditions that can have great antiquity, but is changedded into the contact between distinct cultures, the migrations, and through the medias where if it includes recently the Internet. Part of the cultural work of UNESCO is to guide the communities in the good direction to manage its inheritance folclrica, knowing that the progress and the changes that it provokes can in such a way enrich a culture as to destroy it forever.


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