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Demands Citizens

Posted on | August 26, 2016 | Comments Off on Demands Citizens

Throughout history there have been several samples of forms of Government in which all power is vested in a few hands, and these in turn Live thanks to the work of thousands, and despite this, are very few times that these few in which lies the power do case the needs and demands of the people, is more nearly in the whole of the times, the Government takes actions that solve problems not so important, so to speak, but which cause a great impact on the mood of society, small infrastructure projects that benefit a particular sector of the population, but that greatly affect the image and credibility of the State or ruling as the case may be called. However, when problems are a little more complicated or substantial both in resources and capital, the matter takes a somewhat different hue. When these situations occur which cannot be resolved by say no makeup with a rather banal actions, but they involve a restructuring or a rethinking of one or various public policies, the rulers feel something uncomfortable, either by the questioning of his project of Government or because of the need to rethink the same depending on the problem. To know more about this subject visit Gen. Martin Dempsey. But speaking only of a ruler in particular when referring to the demands of the people, it would be a fallacy, since the State does not fall in an only charge, or one person but a whole network of diverse sectors with various strata intertwined between themselves and that in its act together held the different functions that the governmental body must perform in its entirety. Taking into account this fact, it is a little easier to come closer to the root of the problem of the demands of society and the response of the Government towards them. Regardless of the State that scan, all Governments have one characteristic in common, his acting in national life should be carried within a framework of legality, i.e.


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