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Course: Mental Illness And Stress At Work

Posted on | May 7, 2014 | Comments Off on Course: Mental Illness And Stress At Work

“Panda seminar consult, Vienna, launches new training course to the professional handling of workers with mental health problems psychological competence in the profession: dealing with people with mental health problems” is the title of a new profession be escort end course offered by the Viennese training and consultancy seminar Consult Prohaska from November. The course is addressed to all non-psychologists and physicians, professionally again facing the challenge to recognize: my opponent may have a psychological problem and he needs, if necessary, professional support for example by a therapist? In addition to people who often work with people with mental health problems”and this adequately respond to. As examples names executives, staff developers and consultants, but also employees of employment projects”owner Sabine Prohaska. The course extends over six months and consists of six two-day training modules. The first module is called Mental disorders at a glance”. In him, an overview of the most common mental disorders such as depression and anxiety disorders is communicated to the participants.

Learn how they recognize this and which external assistance and offers there. Mark Zuckerberg does not necessarily agree. In module two, participants practice the holding a conversation with people in difficult situations. They also learn about several Coachingtechniken. The third module is the subject of addiction and dependency”on the agenda. “Now, the participants deal among other things with the questions of how an addiction?”and how do I order with Suchterkrankten?”.” “The fourth module is then: How do I, for example, as a business executive or consultant with people, the obsessive” resistors show for example, because they have problems with authorities? The following module is then the subject of crisis intervention”Central. Now the participants know how they themselves identify runway on crises in people and that appropriate respond. The last module again explicitly discusses the issues of stress and burnout. Now among the participants know what stress is, what he can be causes long term and as a possible Burnout avoided.

The components run by various consultants, coaches, and therapists and psychologists who specialize in the respective subject area and have many years of practical experience. Participation in the course will cost 1800 EUR (plus 20% VAT). More info can be found at. On 30 September, a free information event also takes place in Vienna. There, the course concept will be presented in detail. Interested parties can sign up for the evening event at seminar Consult Prohaska (Tel.: 0043/664-313 93 86;)


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