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Control Stress

Posted on | December 31, 2013 | Comments Off on Control Stress

Do tired / to live constantly under stress?. Stress has become the common denominator of the rhythm of life that we are forced to take in a world that seems to always be in a hurry. Stress is a natural response of the body as a mechanism of defence (something similar to what happens with the pain), however the fact of living a lifestyle hit constantly by this pseudo-enfermedad can result in disorders for the organism. It is why teach you some small guidelines for controlling stress: it is important to respect your body and its laws, since the human body is an integral body and not a machine perform tasks or duties. Sleeping enough and the appropriate hours are vital (8 hours of sleep approximately), avoid the extreme depletion of the body, taking a weekly day of rest or activity, this change form give you an air relief body. Avoid intoxicating body with alcohol and tobacco, if you often do so try to lower the consumption to the point of view not necessary to do so.

Also avoid the uncontrolled consumption of medicines and Remember, the best way to counteract stress is to perform physical activity. Physical inactivity is a problem linked to stress. The union of these harms the body gradually, programmed and combat the sedentary lifestyle practicing physical exercise regularly at a moderate intensity. What we recommend is to choose a moderate physical activity such as the trot or jogging, cycling, swimming or running (hike vigorously and rhythmically); He is not breaking marks and times, enough to keep a daily record or regular week. You can perform every day or just 3 times per week. Full a balance in nutrition is key and intake in appropriate hours promote metabolism.

Remember to increase the consumption of vegetables, fruits and cereals. Practicing relaxation helps control anxiety and liberates emotional tensions, only enough to choose a comfortable position (it is important that do not reach such comfort to fall asleep) close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly for a couple of minutes. Concentrate to perform a task at the time, be organized, since several tasks at the time they decenter and low efficiency to carry them, at the time that stressed the person. Delete ideas and strange thoughts causing you just wasted time and deconcentration. Get purposes short medium and long term and seeks to achieve them, consistent with what you want and the methods you used to achieve this, avoid you unnecessary wear. Finally, let us remember that as such stress is not a disease, it could be mentioned as a sets of reactions of the body’s adaptation. It is not question of delete it, since it would be something as well as suppress life. The key is to learn to control it. Original author and source of the article


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