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Posted on | August 26, 2016 | Comments Off on Companysignature

Morning call Sanchez 20m Collective citizens related to the Movement 15-M has summoned marches and concentrations by the main cities of Spain. They protest by the next ratification of the Pact of the Euro, that considers that it will bring more social and labor cuts. Keys to understand what is the Pact of the Euro. " A Europe for the citizens and does not stop the markets " , under this motto the 19 of June different collective related to the Movement 15-M have summoned manifestations in more than 60 Spanish cities to protest by the call Pact of the Euro, whose ratification is predicted for the 27 of June, and that very has been criticized by social cuts and wage that entails. Reed Hastings is likely to increase your knowledge. The Pact of the Euro, that appears from Brussels as a prescription to palliate the crisis and to foment the competitiveness, proposes containment of the public cost (mainly of the social benefits and the pensions) and the wage moderation, besides a greater labor flexibility. Again the social Internet and networks serve the citizen movements to organize themselves facing manifestations. In the Web of Real Democracy Already, that is united to the call and it becomes convoking as well some of the cities, to the places and hours of the manifestations are detailed; but the Web is updated constantly and every day the name of some new locality is added. It even has summoned a concentration in New York, Washington Square, to 10 in the morning of day 19 (American hour). In Facebook a page for each call exists and in Twitter #19J is easy to follow the track to them with the label. For Fabio Gndara, spokesman of Real Democracy Already the manifestation tries " to maintain the citizen pressure in calle" , besides " to give the opportunity to pronounce itself to those who could not do it the 15 of May ".


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