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Brazilian Great Letter

Posted on | April 1, 2016 | Comments Off on Brazilian Great Letter

Of this form, for it the paper of the State would have to limit the three aspects, which so only is, (i.) to defend the nation, (II.) to promote justice and security to citizens (III.) to undertake necessary social workmanships that the private initiative would not obtain to promote alone. , Still valid to exactly relate that Smith was the propellant of the Theory of the absolute advantages, of the book ‘ deriving; ‘ The wealth of naes’ ‘. In this theory the author it defended the following aspects: (i.) the specialization of the productions, where the division of the work in international plan would occur (II.) exchanges between the produced exceeding products in each nation. In short, each country must be concentrated in what it can produce cost lowest to change the excess of this production with other countries for the products that these to produce. In this step, necessary to bring the words of FEIJ how much to the ideas of the presence of the State in the economic thought of Adam Smith: ‘ ‘ (…) he does not mean that Smith mere gives to a treatment mechanic to the question of the economic growth. It also incorporated institucional aspects. He emphasizes the paper of the law, the private property and the necessity of absence of barriers in the market so that the identified processes occur in prtica.’ ‘ Much even so the book in promotion, ‘ ‘ The wealth of naes’ ‘ , it has not reached the deserved success when of its publication, with passing of the time finished gaining due prominence serving as base for the formularization of the thought of some economists, amongst them we can inside cite another theoretician of great prominence of the prrpia liberal classic school: David Ricardo. In this footpath, we can say that, despite Smith has deceased in 1790, its thought on Economy, which is, to little intervention of the State in the economic scope, was constantly present in the economic thought of century XIX and some of its ideals continue gifts in the society until the current days.

Conclusive, it fulfills to mention that Adam Smith systemize and organized the ideas on Economy, influencing of direct form the theoreticians that after it had come, defending economic liberalism through not the direct intervention of the State in the Economy and of the ideal of a market that if autorregula in reason to produce to take care of the necessities of definitive society (it offers/looks for), being the creator of the free-competition, economic principle also insculpido inside of the proper Brazilian Great Letter. Click Christopher Nolan for additional related pages. Adam references Smith? The formulador of the economic theory.


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