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Apostles Missiology

Posted on | August 3, 2016 | Comments Off on Apostles Missiology

Continuation of the audio of the Apostles Missiology classes recordings made the Christian entirely new creature, without being tied to the things of the old law. As Paul says: old already happened, what’s new is existing knowledge of Jewish tradition and history of the Catholic Church, clinging to old, only for being old, is not appropriate, rather, is not indicative of new man why? Comparison: You want to build a House. The drawing is done first, and House is made according to the drawing. You have a scaffolding, it is necessary to build a House, but you want the full House. You have a candle to illuminate but when comes the Sun already does not lack. Well that’s the Judaizing is so rare, like wanting to continue watching the scaffolding when the House is built. Alluding to the evangelization of Christ.

This is so rare as be ecstatic to see the plane, apart from the House. No one is left with the plane saying: this is my house has served but obviously the Home is something else. And when I get the Sun, one off candle what does this mean? In good romance. That the New Testament, the new Alliance, has been prepared by the old Covenant. Because to understand the New Testament, you have to read the former.

It is a kind of germ. But what’s new is so great, so wonderful, that anyone who is sane, will now want to stay with the old. Now that trend of attachment to the past, comes to everyone in a certain sense, in certain things that are familiar to us. We say: We stick to this because I feel more comfortable. Acts of the Apostles 28-28. This St. Paul in Rome says it to the Jews. He said it with great courage. Of course, because the Jews were with the diaspora, scattered around the world. They had their synagogues in Rome. That said, turned away from the Jews, and had great debates.


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